Thursday, December 21, 2006

Some Special Thanks . . .

I just wanted to send out a special thank you to a number of folks who have either contacted me directly or mentioned 2719 Hyperion on their own sites and/or blogs. They have all been very generous with their kind words and encouragement.

Didier Ghez and his incredible Disney History blog. I feel like a real amateur next to Didier . . .

Prolific author Jeff Kurtti whose recently published Disney Dossiers is a real treat. I can’t wait for his upcoming book Walt Disney’s Legends of Imagineering and the Genesis of the Disney Theme Park.

John Frost, not for just mentioning 2719 Hyperion on his widely-read The Disney Blog, but for being so gosh-darn complimentary when he does it.

Tony from This Day in Disney History. You have made some of my research oh so much easier!

Jim Hill from Jim Hill Media. I still don’t know how he had the time to contact me in between all those great Scrooge U. articles.

And thanks to all of you who check in everyday and subsequently spread the word. It is very much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

You are more than welcome Jeff. I'm also thankful that a site like 2719 Hyperion (as well as the other Disney related sites you mentioned) exist. It's good to know that others share my enthusiasm for Disney and its history. I get a kick out of checking into 2719 Hyperion on a daily basis for knowledge and inspiration (especially when I'm feeling bored with my own site).
Here's to a great 2007 filled with great blog posts & new Disney discoveries! Happy Holidays to all.

DisneyDave said...

Just wanted to add my congratulations to the list. I enjoy visiting your site and check in on a regular basis. I'll be adding a link to your site from my own blog as soon as the Christmas rush is over. I wish you continued success! David

Jeffrey Pepper said...

Thanks David! I finally have had a chance to catch up with Toons at War (thanks to Didier) and wow! Great, great stuff!