Service With Character: Whimsical Thought and Serious Intent

Our exploration of Disney-designed World War II-era insignia continues in this, our latest 2719 Hyperion Exhibition Hall exhibit.  Service With Character - Wave II: Whimsical Thought and Serious Intent presents forty more emblem designs culled from the pages of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories.  These particular insignia were featured in issues of the comic book published during the early part of 1943.  Included are the corresponding identifications and descriptions that appeared with each design.

Wave II includes a greater representation of established Disney characters.  Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto are all prominently featured, while Jose Carioca, Clara Cluck, the Big Bad Wolf and even a Fantasia broomstick were among other members of the Disney canon drafted into service.

The title of this exhibit is derived from the description for the insigne for the 117th CA GP (AA), affectionately dubbed "Annie Aircraft."  It noted that the design combined "whimsical thought and serious intent."  It seemed an appropriate description for the Disney Studio's overall efforts in providing insignia designs.

The first wave of Service with Character: Disney World War II Insignia remains on display in Exhibit Room 2W.

117th CA  GP  (AA)
"Annie Aircraft" doesn't mince words when she speaks--and woe to the
enemy if he should appear!  This design combines whimsical thought
and serious intent.

Naval Ordnance Lab
Secrecy is implied in this design.  And on any important job,
Pluto enjoys acting as a guard--he wants to do his part too!

1008 School Squadron (SP)
This squadron enlisted the services of Donald Duck in their
insigne.  And Donald was, of course, happy to oblige.

Sqd. No. 12, U.S. Navy Fleet Schools
Destroyer Base, San Diego
Messengers of destruction.  The enemy will realize more and more
the mighty force of an aroused nation as Americans train for victory.

Seventh Photographic
Reconnaissance Squadron
On the job--and not missing a thing!  That spirit, portrayed in this
design, is no doubt the spirit of the squadron.

56th School Squadron (SP) AAF
An insigne for the bombardiers who are in training for the serious
job ahead, and the officers who instruct them, at one of the
Bombardier Schools.

56th Armored Infantry Regiment
of the 12th Armored Division
The Armored Infantry support and exploit the action of 
armored tanks, sometimes on foot, sometimes on armored vehicles.

V.R. 1--Transport Squadron
Moving Day holds no difficulties for this squadron, as the insgne indicates.
And the spirit to do the job well is just as evident.

18th Patrol Force
Civil Air Patrol
Donald Duck on the job!  He's going to do his part in every way he can!

Coast Guard Beach Patrol Station N-27
Security Station 3, Gaviota, California
(Identified in the comic book as Coast Guard (83359) but appears to
be a printer's error as it duplicated another insigne on the same page.
Correct identification from Disney Dons Dogtags)

Patrol Aircraft Rescue Boat
A dangerous assignment that calls for skill and high courage.
Donald is proud to be represented in the insigne.

HS Battery, 2nd Airdrome Btn.
There's no mistaking the assignment of this group.  The insigne tells plainer
than words: "an anitaircraft unit, defending the airfield."

Coast Guard (83359)
Ready at an instant's notice to deliver a telling blow, this insigne 
portrays the constant alertness of the coast Guard.

505th Bombing Squadron
A centaur carries a message of destruction to the enemy--a fitting
insigne for a bombing squadron, who see to it that such messages
reach their destination.

241st Signal Operations Co.
Donald Duck always wants to be in the thick of things.  And that's where
Communications play a mighty important part, so Donald is happy to 
be on hand.

60th Contruction Btn.
of the Navy Seabees
Known as the "Can Do" organization, this bee typifies that spirit--ready
to prove it's possible to construct anything, anywhere, anytime.

U.S.S. Hughes
Destroyer Squadron 2
"It's a busy life," says Goofy, who enjoys the excitement
of guarding capital ships against submarine attacks.

1696th Ordnance MM Co. (AVN)  (Q)
Somewhere in England, this Medium Maintenance Aviation Automotive
Repair Company is on the job, "and being very practical about it, too,"
says the Practical Pig.

3rd Marine Parachute Btn.
3rd Marine Div.
Clever strategy and a ruthless determination to get the situation
well in hand are indicated in this insigne.

781st Ordnance Light Maintenance Co.
81st Infantry Division
The "Wildcat" Division--and the insigne is a symbol of motor
maintenance, weapon maintenance and ordnance bomb.

Publications Branch of the Office
of the Chief of Ordnance, War Dept.
Doesn't the insigne tell the story?  Supplying books on technical
information is a tremendous job, and one of great importance.

44th Engineers (C)
The Engineers are on the job to help smooth the road to Victory.
They're ready too, for skirmish with the enemy, as this design shows.

374th Two-Engine Flying Training Sqdn.
"It's enough to make me dizzy," says Goofy, "tryin' to learn the things
these fellers know.  So I'm turrible proud to have 'em use my picture."

479th Bombardment Squadron
Nothing will stop the drive to Victory; Donald wants to be on hand
to carry the fight into enemy territory.

Southern Frontier Liaison Patrol
At home in the sky, just as is the Patrol, this sharp-eyed bird shows 
that the frontier line is being watched for any sign of trouble.

U.S. Naval Operating Base
"War is serious business," says Donald, who is always eager to
do what he can to help in the service of his country.

Fighting Squadron Nine
"The Axis will have cause to remember this insigne with grave concern,"
say the men for whom the design was made.

507th Parachute Regiment
Look out below!  Our paratroops mean business and their training
fits them for the difficulties of the task

U.S.S. YMS-5
The "mighty five" has a mighty important assignment.
The insigne tells what it is--mine sweeping.

74th Station Hospital
A wartime version of a mother hen caring scientifically
for her chicks.  And being very efficient about it, too.

Oklahoma Civil Air Patrol
Keeping alert is extra important during wartime.  This insigne
expresses the idea in humorous, yet forceful, manner.

Coast Guard Station
Protective patrol, rescuing and assisting shipwrecked, 
calls for strength, wisdom and courage, qualities represented
by this Saint Bernard.

U.S.S. Cornelian PY-19
A changed personality, like many other pleasure craft, now serving
Uncle Sam, armed and ready for combat.

Alaskan Wing of the
Air Transport Command
Ice and snow, mountains and glaciers, a hazardous land.  Donald is
proud to be on the insigne designed for the Alaskan Wing of the Air
Transport Command.

365th Service Squadron
336th Service Group
"Keep 'em flying!" is a real slogan to this squadron, and they know how
much depends on the skill and thoughtfulness of their work.

501st Bomb Sq.  (M)  AAF
345th Bomb Gr  (M)  AAF
"Just a surprise dish for the Axis--and it's not
a plum pudding, either," says Joe Carioca, nonchalantly.

H.M.  M.T.B.  62
Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
A "fish" for the enemy--but what a fish!  One that
carries havoc and destruction.

Patrol Sqd. 203, Patrol Wings
U.S. Atlantic Fleet
Patrol and convoy escorts.  Doubtless Pluto feels right at home
in his job as he tries to show what duty is.

469th Q.M. Truck Regiment
A motor transport, with a variety of trucks, cars, etc. to operate
in a cold climate.  That is the brief story told in this design.

U.S.S. PC-543
Ready with a knockout blow for any enemy craft.  This insgne
leaves no room for doubt as to the purpose of the assignment.