Monday, July 27, 2015

Snapshot '73: The Grand Prix and Tomorrowland

Returning to our Snapshot '73 series, we showcase this now impossible view of the Grand Prix Raceway as seen from Skyway that linked Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.  Against a rather scenic backdrop of the Contemporary Resort, cast members survey their fleet of vehicles.  The Tomorrowland terminus of the Skyway sits in what then seemed a remote corner of the park.  The purpose of the large striped circus tent remains a mystery; it sits in the approximate location of the future Carousel of Progress. 


SSB said...

Wow! What a fascinating and frankly startling image! As one who had visited the Magic Kingdom by that time (my first visit was in '72, when I was four years-old), I am amazed I was there when it looked thus. Now, it bears little resemblance to Tomorrowland in my mind's eye; if you had told me this was Tokyo Disneyland I might be inclined to believe it, were it not for the Contemporary in the background. I would be interested in a follow-up report if you learn the purpose of the "circus tent."

And I just discovered you have been posting again of late -- I really hope this continues, as this has long been one of my favorite blogs.

Jeffrey Pepper said...

Thanks, Scott! I too first visited WDW in 1972 and can completely relate to your observations. The Frontierland of 1972 represents a similar dynamic--that's why I absolutely love getting a hold of photos such as this one.

The irregular posting is unfortunately my reality and has been for quite some time. I appreciate the fact that you do check every now and then. Thanks again for the kind words.

haptown said...

Very cool old photo! I never realized how close the Contemporary is to Tomorrowland. Glad to see you're still posting to your blog.

Adam said...

Very cool picture. It's very rare to see pictures of MK's Tomorrowland before Space Mountian came to town.