Friday, September 09, 2011

Snapshot Missouri! - The Walt Disney Municipal Park

Our newest Snapshot! series will feature photographs from our recent road trip that took us to various Disney history sites in the state of Missouri.  Relating to our post earlier this week on the Midget Autopia in Marceline, this photo features a sign that identifies the community park in which the remnants of that former Disneyland attraction can be found.

The Walt Disney Municipal Park was dedicated on July 4, 1956 with Walt Disney and Roy Disney both in attendance.  The occasion was also marked by the premiere of The Great Locomotive Chase at Marceline's own Uptown Theatre.


Connie Moreno said...

At least the park is still there...I hope it's appreciated!

Gator Chris said...

Great snapshot.

For some reason the off-model Mickey on this sign has always fascinated me.

Nate Parrish said...

Marceline is pretty cool, but can be spooky as there are a lot of artifcts that just seem to be laying around.