Friday, April 08, 2011

Pixar Freeze Frame! - Finding Mike in Finding Nemo

We kept our heads above water in the previous two Pixar Freeze Frames, but we will be diving below the waves this time to discover where a certain sea "monster" can be found in Finding Nemo.  This particular cameo is not by any means hard to spot, but it may in fact be unknown to those viewers who have neither the patience nor the interest to sit through the film's closing credits.  Though never indicated in Monsters, Inc., it appears that Mike Wazowski has a penchant for snorkeling.  He swims across the screen, right after the Production Babies list and just prior to the Special Thanks acknowledgments. 


Brittany said...

Isn't that cute? :) I found that a while back after watching the movie with my kids. :) All of us got a little giggle out of it.