Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pleasure Island Evolves into Hyperion Wharf

Definitely overdue but very, very welcome news nonetheless.

I have long been dismayed that Disney has let the near lifeless environment of Pleasure Island languish these last number of years.  The company finally announced today a rather ambitious makeover for the Downtown Disney district that will be completed by 2013.  I am especially taken with its new name, Hyperion Wharf, for rather obvious reasons.  Nightclubs appear to be completely jettisoned in favor of more retail and restaurant space.  The area's new theme will be a " . . . nostalgic yet modern take on an early 20th century port city and amusement pier."

Other Downtown Disney establishments will be experiencing upgrades and enhancements, including a major expansion of the Lego Imagination Center.

Check out the Disney Parks Blog for more concept art and further details.


MoreStores? said...

Unlike EPCOT Center and the Magic Kingdom, which I've seen throughout it's many stages, I've only had the pleasure of being in "Downtown Disney" once and only at the insistence of my hosts.

Downtown Disney is every reason why I am not a corporate executive making millions per year. I simply do not understand why the Disney property needs MORE stores on top of the blatant overcrowding of retail in the parks themselves.

I hate admitting my age but I am glad that I can remember a time when you could walk through a Disney theme park and not be besieged by retail stores, kiosks or when they were a dominant factor in any of their theme park redesigns.

Disney doesn't need more retail opportunities - It needs more VALUE. It needs rides that the entire family can enjoy, not just the adrenaline-junkie children wishing they were at a roller coaster park.

I find it immeasurably sad that Disney has decided to sell it's soul to make a few quick bucks. Anyone who visits Disney nowadays ought to find their nearest time machine and head to the Magic Kingdom / EPCOT Center circa 1986 - 1989 to get a feel of what the place was like before it was infinitely corrupted by executives wishing that they could add a store here or a roller coaster there at the expense of what made the theme parks great - The THEME of a family walking around together, enjoying their time together instead of letting little Johnny go "here," little Susie go "there" and the rest of the family meeting up at some designated spot so that they can all enjoy a quick meal together.