Thursday, October 28, 2010

Epic Mickey Digicomics on Your Apple Device

Disney Interactive is offering up a fun and tantalizing preview of its much anticipated Epic Mickey game via the Apple App Store.  The new Disney Epic Mickey Digicomics provides a glimpse for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad owners.

The free download features a map of the Wasteland, eight character profiles, a game trailer and the digital nine-page comic Tales of the Wasteland #1: Clocktower Cleaners.  Five additional nine-page issues of Tales of the Wastleland can be purchased for a package price of $2.99.  The comics are written by veteran author and comic scribe Peter David and illustrated by artist Claudio Sciarrone.

Character profiles include Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Ortensia, Horace Horsecollar, Clarabelle Cow, Pete, the Mad Doctor, Yen Sid and the Animatronics Pals.  Ortensia is a Minnie-esque character, described as Oswald's one true love.  The Animatronics Pals are clever rifts on two classic Disney icons.  The description notes that Oswald, " . . .  cobbled together spare animatronic parts and fashioned his very own very versions of Donald Duck and the inimitable Goofy."

What is the Wasteland, Epic Mickey's epic setting?  According to the profile of the wizard Yen Sid:

It was Yen Sid who crafted Wasteland as a home for Walt's forgotten creations, serving as a benevolent, albeit unseen creator, watching from "on high" and enjoying their antics.

The Digicomics are in fact prequels to the upcoming game and explore the Wasteland and a number of its "forgotten creations."  Particularly fun is issue three, One Scary Night, which pays homage to the classic Mickey cartoon Lonesome Ghosts but also injects a healthy dose of Haunted Mansion references.  Issue four, The Rubbish Cup, is a direct send-up of Disney World's Adventurers Club and its Balderdash Cup show.

Needless to say, we can't wait until early December when Epic Mickey is released.  It will be exclusive to the Nintendo Wii console.


Gator Chris said...

Looks sweet.
Downloading app now...

nickramer said...

Intresting. I wonder if this will be in a printed book.