Thursday, March 05, 2009

Pana-Vue Slide: The Grand Canyon Concourse

As an appropriate follow-up to yesterday's post about the construction of the Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World, our next Pana-Vue slide trip back in time takes us to that hotel's famous Grand Canyon Concourse. Slide WDW-803 features a spectacular view of the interior of the resort as it appeared during the 1970s. Mary Blair's now-famous mosiac features prominently in the tableau. The slide's caption: Monorail Glides Thru Concourse.


Tony said...

Great shot. I remember when there was a restaurant below the Blair-designed wall. As a kid we had Thanksgiving dinner there in 1971!
Due to how everything around it has changed, it appears as if the wall has been moved since this photo was taken. Obviously that isn't possible. Is it? It seems awfully close to the monorail - or is it just the angle?