Monday, August 11, 2008

Windows to the Past: February 2, 1967

An ongoing feature entitled Windows to the Past has proven to be a very popular feature of our recently launched sister blog Boom-Pop! The series features vintage archive photographs that literally transport you to another place and time. I thought it would be fun to take the concept and apply a Disney spin to it here at 2719 Hyperion.

February 2, 1967 was the date that Roy O. Disney hosted a press conference at the Park Theatres in Winter Park, Florida that outlined the company's plans for the construction and establishment of Disney World. The centerpiece of the presentation was the film made by Walt Disney just prior to his death in December of 1966. The film outlined the company's concepts for the Florida property with a special emphasis on Walt's own personal vision of EPCOT.


Anonymous said...

In the past couple of years, the site was a "dollar theatre."
Now, it's a gym.