Thursday, June 28, 2007

Snapshot! - Diggin' Around Chester & Hester's

Here are a few more snapshots from Chester and Hester's Dino Store. The first hearkens back to when the location was originally a service station. Below are a couple of shots that feature the Burma Shave inspired signs under the eaves at one of the main entrances.


Anonymous said...

On my last solo trip I spent a good half day wandering Chester & Hester's and just soaking up the details. (I'm too old to enjoy the rides that jostle me around, so it's the Imagineer's details that have become my hobby now.) What a richly-detailed, funny and fascinating area.

Anonymous said...


That was a great segment you and Lou did. I look forward to visiting Chester & Hester's on my trip in July. Please keep up the segments with Lou, they are great and you two work well together. I look forward to the Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe as well!

Paul B.

Jessica said...

I, too, spent over an hour wandering around Chester and Hester's store today after listening to your wonderful segment. I especially love the other side of those four signs - that tell you "When in Florida, visit Epcot!" Priceless!

I promise I won't steal your thunder on this one. :-)

Anonymous said...

During my first 2 trips during late Sept. early Oct. it was so hot and sunny that we just zipped right through Dinoland, looking for shade elsewhere since in Dinoland there is so little to be found. However on our third trip in Dec. we could linger and I loved it, although I think I still missed a lot of the details you and Lou talked about so now, thanks to you two, I am aching to go back!!

Gator Chris said...


Congratulations to you and Lou on another inspired segment on WDW Radio. I was originally indoctrinated with the overall feel of Dinoland, U.S.A. from my reading the pre-opening publicity materials (geek alert!), and from the first time I set foot in that part of DAK I connected with the highway kitsch.

Thanks to the both of you for reminding me of this much-maligned area's thematic roots.

Keep up the great work,

- Chris in Apex, NC