Saturday, March 03, 2007

The EPCOT Field Guide: The Land

By the time this Field Guide was published, Living with the Land had replaced Listen to the Land as the name of the pavilion's then centerpiece attraction. Gone also was the happy, fun melody of the Listen to the Land theme song. Certainly one of EPCOT's most educationally stimulating presentations, (my son won the Science Fair in elementary school with a hydroponics experiment that was inspired by the Land's own hydroponics), it still is very popular as validated by its FastPass status.


Spaced Out Dude said...

When this was first published, was it Food Rocks or Kitchen Kabaret there? And also, Symbiosis, or The Circle of Life?

Jeffrey Pepper said...

The changes to the attractions happened gradually after Nestle took over sponsorship of the pavilion in 1992.

Living With the Land in late 1993; Food Rocks in 1994; and Circle of Life in 1995.

Jeffrey Pepper said...

Sorry, I didn't answer your question--

The Guide was out it 1994; likely because they were in the middle of refurbishment plans for both Symbiosis and Kitchen Kaberet, is why they aren't mentioned.