Thursday, March 01, 2007

Addressing Some Jungle Cruise Crates

Some strong winds likely blew these crates over to the Jungle Cruise dock from the Swiss Family Treehouse, in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

The addresses on both crates collectively make reference to the 1960 Disney motion picture Swiss Family Robinson. Thomas Kirk is in fact frequent Disney player Tommy Kirk and he played Ernst Robinson in the film. M. Jones makes reference to the character of Merlin Jones, portrayed by Kirk in the films The Misadventures of Merlin Jones and The Monkey's Uncle. The location of Bora Danno pays sly homage to Kirk's Swiss Family Robinson costar James MacArthur who later played the character of Detective Danny Williams, AKA "Danno", on television's Hawaii Five-O.

Ken Annakin was the director of Swiss Family Robinson. He also helmed three other live-action Disney films: The Story of Robin Hood, The Sword and the Rose, and Third Man on the Mountain. Wyss Supply Company refers to original Swiss Family Robinson author Johann Wyss.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the new ones on crates? There's refrences to Haper Goff, and Main Street in Colorado, and well as some puns.Saw them waiting in line with my friends last weekend. Should have taken a pic.

Anonymous said...

However, I must point out a startling lack of typical Imagineering attention to detail: they left the ends and insides of the supporting "bamboo" UNFINISHED, so that one can see they're just what appear to be white PVC pipes. How could that get by anyone with set design experience?