Sunday, February 18, 2007

Wanted: Memories of the Art Corner

When I started 2719 Hyperion last year, I never anticipated that I would be communicating with so many wonderful individuals involved in Disney entertainment as both passionate enthusiasts and working professionals. One such person who just recently contacted me is Rob Richards, who most certainly fits both those descriptions.

Rob is a world renown musician and recording artist, but is best known to Disney fans for his over four thousands performances at the El Capitan Theatre playing its legendary Wurlitzer pipe organ. When someone of Rob’s stature and talent emails with very complimentary words, I find myself both flattered and extremely humbled.

Rob has also been a longtime enthusiast of Disney and collector of animation art and has long been fascinated by the Art Corner at Disneyland. The shop opened in 1955 and during the remainder of that decade and into the 1960s, guests could purchase actual production cels from numerous Disney films, including Sleeping Beauty and 101 Dalmatians, for as little as a dollar or two apiece. Rob asked if we could put out a collective call for folks who would like to share any images, memorabilia, and even reminisces of this now almost legendary Disney location. We would like to feature any such materials and memories anyone might have in future posts here at 2719 Hyperion.

And for more information about Rob, check out his website. There is a section there that features his incredible collection of animation art that shouldn't be missed. He also treats visitors to an informative and very detailed visual tour of the El Capitan Theatre.


Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd post a request to help "price" a celluloid I found TODAY while helping organize a fund raiser in Birmingham, Alabama... a Donald Duck cel from the Art Corner, has Gold Label on the back... it's & in great shape other than the outer matting, the cel itself seems fine. It's about 8" x 10"... Donald walking along with a gardener's hat. Backround of grass & sky.

Any help would be welcome.


Art Corner cels bounce all over the map, price-wise. For example, I recently bought a wonderful Art Corner Donald for well under $100! On the other end of the spectrum, Malificent cels from Sleeping Beauty which originally brought just a couple of dollars at the Art Corner now fetch as much as $2000 or more. Hand-inked lines indicate an older, more valuable cel. Xerographic lines on cels of Donald often indicate 1960s TV animation, such as The Wonderful World Of Color. Most animation art has seen a decline in value. Donald more than most for some reason. If it is indeed TV animation, you'll be lucky to get $100 or $200. If it is hand-inked, you may get as much as $400-600. Whatever the price, it's a classic piece of historic Disney animation art!

Anonymous said...

I have a really great small piece of memorobilia from the 50's The Art Corner at Disneyland. This is an original 1950s pin back button that reads " I Like Disneyland " and also has a wonderful color image of Mickey Mouse wearing a bow tie. Its what is commonly called a flicker button. The front of the button is a plastic or celluloid type material that when the button moves it causes the two different images to flash back and forth, very cool. The back of the button is lithographed tin and has the American manufacturers info and location in Ney York and also has the " from the Art Corner at Disneyland Anaheim Calif ". There is a safety pim clasp back and the button is 2 1/2"s in diameter. I have pictures I would love to share and will send them to you via e-mail. I know that its atleast older than 1964 or there would be a zip code in the manufacturers info on back. I am familiar with the art works and cells from this historic souvenier venue in Disneyland but would like to see anything else as far as memorobilia from there.

Anonymous said...

We have a collection of 4 of these flasher buttons, (Mickey, Donald, Tinkerbelle, and Goofy). One says it is from the art corner which I'm guessing ages it a bit more than the others, (the art corner closed in the early 60's?). From what I can find on the net they go from $35 to $50 dollars. Is there a big market anywhere for them? They are my 8 year old sons who got them at a flea market.

Anonymous said...

I have a Chip n Dale flip book circa 1970 purchased at Art Corner at Disneyland.