Wednesday, October 18, 2006

License to Collect: EPCOT 10

Disney World fans are buzzing about what the resort's plans are for EPCOT's 25th Anniversary. The only other EPCOT anniversary that the company acknowledged in any major way was the 10th in 1992-1993. Even then, their efforts seemed focused on merchandise and little else.

Here are two different EPCOT 10th Anniversary license plates. The first features a very distinct Future World theme; the second is a pastel-flavored homage to World Showcase. The Dawn of a New Disney Era-The Continuation of a Dream, with its circular logo, was featured on a wide variety of cast member-exclusive merchandise sold at the Company D store. The World Showcase Around the World in a Day design was used for 10th anniversary merchandise available to guests at the park. I personally really disliked this design. I was further disappointed when they recycled it the following year by just dropping the 10th anniversary references.