Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Where Pluto Goes for Therapy

Amenities for Rover and Kitty are not just limited to kennel services at the Disney-MGM Studios theme park at Walt Disney World. The services of therapist Hugo Bark and the Lend-A-Paw Pet Clinic are readily available should you be successful in smuggling your little canine or feline past front gate security.


Unknown said...


Where, oh where are these windows located? Are they on the kennel? Sounds like they are in the park, itself.

My next question: Do you have any pictures of your family at WDW? Or just details? ;)

Anonymous said...

They can spotted in Hollywood Boulevard at the Disney-MGM Studios (soon to be renamed Disney's Hollywood Studios).

Lou Mongello - said...

To follow up what George said, when I stopped my wife and family as we were walking from the ship to the beach at Castway Cay, I paused to get out the camera. Happily, my wife brought our two children by her side, smiled and posed... as I walked away to take a picture of a faded sign that had Al Weiss' name on it.

Such is the life of a member of the Society.

(I think we need to get shirts and hats made up)