Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Camping doesn't mean "cheap" - It means "value"

If you plan on heading over to the Africa section of Disney's Animal Kingdom to see the animals, realize that the proprietors of Kilimanjaro Safaris are not the only game in town. Cap'n Bob's Super Safari offers visitors to Harambe a more value-priced excursion, and hits such hot spots as the Mauti Crocodile Farm and Camel Rides at Ujinga Ranch. Remember when you call to ask for "Ed."

I've generally tried to not go overboard in featuring too many Disney Park details, but my inbox has been filling up lately with requests for more frequent Snapshot! and Theme Parkeology posts. If that seems to be the consensus I will endeavor to increase my output in those two 2719 Hyperion categories. Let me hear your feedback, either via email or, as my buddies George and Andrew recommend--Geek Love (translated--the comments section).


Lou Mongello - DisneyWorldTrivia.com said...

Whoa... this is WAAAAYYY too scary!!!

I was actually in DAK yesterday morning on an unscheduled trip with the tater tots. Although it was a "non-working" trip, I took a quick opportunity while they were occupied (translate - "potty break") to take some photos.. and guess what I took a picture of!! Yikes!!!

Too scary, buddy... too scary...

Biblioadonis aka George said...

Until I see Lou and Jeff in the same place...I am thinking Superman/Clark Kent.

But which is which?

Yes...us bloggers love the Geek Love!

Cory The Raven said...

Now you went and got me curious about this little comic take on the small-scale, private for-profit tour operator and Disney's implicit commentary on the subject ^_^

Grumpwurst (Ray) said...

I have found that I have snapped photos of many things that Jeff has written posts about.

Unfortunately, until I read his post, I really didn't know what I had captured. It just looked cool to me.

Lou Mongello - DisneyWorldTrivia.com said...

Is it me, or does Cap'n Bob look like Joe Rohde in a hat?

And am I spending way too much time looking so closely at these types of obscure images?

Grumpwurst (Ray) said...


If I squint my eyes, I think I can see a faint resemblence to Joe.

But, Cap'n Bob is missing the large dangling earrings that seem to make up Joe Rohde's tradmark appearance...haha