Saturday, April 07, 2007

More Bunny Fun

Tying in to yesterday's Funny Little Bunnies post, David Lesjak was kind enough to forward on this great image from a piece of classic late-1930s Disneyana. The PAAS TRANSFER-O-S packaging featured one of the cartoon's stock players assisting Mickey with some egg decorating.

And be sure to check out David's Toons at War blog for an item that makes the unusual connection between Funny Little Bunnies and the 88th Signal Corps during World War II.


Michiel P said...

I wonder if there were Dutchmen involved in this "PAAS DYE CO." business? Easter is "Pasen" in Dutch, and an easter egg is called a "paasei". So "PAAS DYE CO." practically means "EASTER DYE CO."