Monday, April 30, 2007

Charles Ridgway in North Carolina

Here is some great news for all the Carolina readers out there. Mark your calendars for Tuesday, June 5th at 7PM. I will be hosting Disney Legend Charles Ridgway at the Barnes & Noble Booksellers in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

This is a great opportunity for all us Carolina Disney fans to meet up. I have heard from a number of you folks lately (shout-outs to George, Jeff J. and Big Brian especially), so as I said, mark your calendars and spread the word.

Disney Legends such as Charlie rarely wander into the Carolinas, so this is a special treat indeed. You can read my very enthusiastic review of Spinning Disney's World here.


Unknown said...

I will be there!

This might be a good opportunity to form a Disney Geeks of the Carolina's group!

I am in the middle of the book right now and it is amazing. Well-written and entertaining!

Gator Chris said...

I'd *love* to be there, but Winston-Salem is a bit too far from Raleigh for me to make it for a Tuesday night event.

Have a great evening!

Anonymous said...

I'll try to attend. Hopefully I can leave directly from work, its about a 2 hour drive from Charlotte.

Google maps shows multiple B&N's in the area, which one is it?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

There is only one in Winston-Salem.

Search for zip code 27101 and that will get you close to it.

Hope this helps!

Andrew said...

I just ordered the book and will 'consume' it by the 5th. I am looking forward to meeting all of you and support the idea of a Disney Geeks group.