Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lost Imagineering: Roger Rabbit's Toontown Trolley

Ahh . . . what if?

One of the casualties associated with the Disney Decade was Roger Rabbit's Hollywood, an area that was supposed to have been built at the Disney-MGM Studios in the mid-1990s. The centerpiece attraction was to have been the Toontown Trolley, a next generation simulator ride.


Scott M. Curran said...

This is a great blog for us Disney history buffs. Thanks and please keep up the great work!

BJWanlund said...

That is some FANTASTIC work!

Keep it up, Jeff!!


MouseExtraDave said...

Great article. Am I the only one, however, who is not so sad to see Roger Rabbit fade away? That character was along side Stitch in annoyance levels!!

Anonymous said...

FYI, Dave, neither character is annoying! They're both cute, lovable, funny and deserve respect.

And I stand by my belief that Roger WILL make a comeback someday, due to Eisner being gone from the company.