Monday, March 12, 2007

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today . . .

. . . that I was enjoying one of my most memorable visits to Walt Disney World.

It was a truly great time. It was my first time back since summer of 1982 and was significant to me for a number of reasons. It was my wife Alane's first trip to Disney World, and it marked my first visit to EPCOT Center. It also served to ignite a passion in both of us that has since yet to diminish in any way.

The resort was in the midst of its 15 Years Birthday Celebration, and pictured are just a few of the mementos of that trip that I have long treasured. The one item I value most from the 15 Years celebration I am unfortunately unable to display here. It was the large Walt Disney World-Coca Cola 15th Birthday commemorative pin set. It features 60 different pins, all co-branded with the Coca Cola logo. I purchased it at the Disneyana Shop, which was located in Fantasyland back then, right where the PhilharMagic store currently resides. A very helpful and always pleasant cast member named Jonah worked there then.


Lou Mongello - said...

Great post and photos as always, Jeff! I remember the promotion well.

It got me to thinking about the Year of a Million Dreams and how some people complain that not everyone wins, it's so random, yada yada yada. Well, here is another example of a familiar promotion that, like the YOAMD, I think works well. Sure, seeing your ticket not be a winner may have been slightly disappointing, but wasn't it an added element? Knowing that the possibility was there? Seeing if the person before or after you won?

Personally? I like the YOAMD, much as I liked the 15th ticket system, even not having won anything myself. Sorry for the tangent... nicely done, Jeff!