Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Which Oil Shall It Be for Thee?"

Behold! A queen of royal breed
Cries, "Oil, my lad—and show some speed:"
"And which oil shall it be for thee,"
Asks Mickey, "Queen, we've got three!"
"Come, come" she answers, "You know well
That each and every one is swell.
But naturally, I'll take my choice
A lady likes to have her voice!"

"Not only ladies, my fair queen,
But every driver that I've seen!
Each man to his own taste, I say
And Standard feels the self-same way!"

Though not part of the Travel Tykes series we have been featuring here at 2719, this Standard Oil newspaper ad still employed poetry and featured a fairytale theme. Minnie Mouse essentially returned to her character of Princess Minnie from the Mickey Mouse cartoon The Brave Little Tailor. As with the other Standard Oil ads we have featured, this one appeared in the Los Angeles Times in June of 1939, back when a quart of oil could be had for a mere fifteen cents.