Monday, December 01, 2008

"This Place Fries Men as Well as Eggs!"

"Help! Fan my brow!" poor Bashful begs,
"This place fries men as well as eggs!"
While Sleepy droops and near expires
Shouts Grumpy, "Men, just pipe them tires!"

Such heat! They're just about to roast!
Groans Grumpy, "I give up the ghost!"
But Happy, quick on inspiration,
Says, "Boys, there's help at Standard's station!"

Cries Sneezy, "Service everywhere!"
A-choo--some oil! A-choo--some air!"
"Ho! For the m-mountains," Doc observes.
"We'll scale the heights, spin 'round the curves!"
"Hold on," howls Grumpy, "take 'er slow!
I've heard the road is blocked with snow."

"It's ice cream," says the Standard man.
"Can you get through? Of course you can!
With Standard Gas your worry's over."
"Hooray!" yells Doc. "We're in c-clover!"

"Hi-Ho! We're off to Ice Cream Mountains!
The land of cool refreshing fountains.
We're through with motoring vexation--
We dump our griefs at Standard's station!"

As promised, here is the second of three Standard Oil newspaper ads that featured Walt Disney's Little People Travel Tykes. The adventure entitled "The Fried Egg Desert" appeared in the June 8, 1939 edition of the Los Angeles Times.


Anonymous said...

Very witty!