Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Get Inside Disney Music

I've made many friends since starting 2719 Hyperion and one such individual is musician and composer David Recchione. I had the pleasure of meeting David at last year's MagicMeets Disney fan gathering in Pennsylvania, and he is one of the most friendly and genuine persons I have encountered in the Disney fan community. We went on to participate together in a round table discussion on Disney theme park music on a Disney-themed podcast and I realized I had found a truly kindred spirit in the appreciation of Disney entertainment, and most especially Disney music.

A few months back, David had given me a sneak peek of content he was preparing for a blog on Disney music. I was thrilled. David has now finally launched the Inside Disney Music blog, with a wonderful four-part series entitled The Disney Film Composers. It is an enlightening, well researched, insightful and valuable addition to the Disney blogging community.

Awesome work, David and best of luck!