Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Snapshot! - Gulp Gas

One of my favorites elements from Mickey's Toontown Fair in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom is the very cartoon-esque rendition of a vintage gas pump. The entire scene of Pete's Garage is a clever homage to service stations of yesteryear. Clean restrooms were badges of honor for station operators back in the day and the restroom key was a distinct staple of gas station culture. My personal choice for best-Imagineered restrooms on Disney World property.


Unknown said...


I visited the restroom at the Japan Pavilion for the first time, on our last trip in December.

I was really blown away by the details. It small and crowded--sort of what you hear about living spaces in Japan in major cities. It was clean and had very Japanese "lines" (duh!).

It really struck me funny that the Imagineers went to all that trouble to keep the atmosphere even in a bathroom.