Friday, October 21, 2011

Snapshot Missouri! - Walt Disney Elementary School

How cool would it be to go to school here!

The entrance foyer of the Walt Disney Elementary School in Marceline, Missouri has changed little since its inception more than fifty years ago.  Disney Legend Bob Moore created the cutout mural that adorns the wall.  Additional murals can be found in the school's gymnasium.  The school also features an original flagpole from the 1960 Winter Olympics, of which Walt served as Chairman of Pageantry.


RufusTheGreat said...

the lunches must be expensive!

Maz said...

Been following your blog for a long time. You've got some great stuff here. A while back I posted an article about all of the Walt Disney named schools across the country. There are a bunch. Here's a link

Vincent Randle said...

Being a Disney enthusiast and a third grade teacher, this would be a dream come true!