Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vintage Snapshot! - Early Crate Parkeology

Among our favorite theme parkeology subjects here at 2719 Hyperion are crates.  They are literally littered throughout all of the Disney parks, and Imagineers just love to label them with inside jokes and clever references.  But here is in fact a Vintage Snapshot of early Walt Disney World crates with inscriptions that mean . . . nothing?

Dating from 1972, these Jungle Cruise crates bear reference to Leon Okerman and R. H. Jeschke.  Okerman hails from 4006 7th Street in Orange, New Jersey, while Jeschke resides at 3250 9th Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia.  Both addresses are non-existent, at least according to current street map resources.  Okerman and Jeschke are especially unusual names but turn up virtually nothing from popular Internet search engines.

Is it possible that Leon and R. H. sprang wholly from the imagination of an early Disney World Imagineer?  Readers, I welcome whatever insight or theories you may have on this parkeological mystery.


Casey said...

I can honestly say I never paid much attention to the crates until I heard you and Lou Mongello talking about them, now I love them

Unknown said...

WOW! Excellent tidbit. I'm going to forward my readers to this one. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Is the fire extinguisher vintage too? :^)