Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vintage Snapshot! - Herbie Rides Again

A new spin on an old standard.

The Snapshot! feature was one of the very first features inaugurated here at 2719 Hyperion back in September of 2006.  We've shied away from these posts in the last year or two, primarily due to the overabundance of sites and blogs that have emerged devoted to Disney park details.  But in digging through my photo archives, I found some lost memories that predate our current era of digital photography.  I doubt I will be sharing anything wholly new to the Disney faithful, but it has at least been fun digging through old boxes and albums.  I do intend to focus on items of a parkeolgy slant.  Bygone obscura casually but thankfully preserved.

First up, Herbie the Love Bug surprises guests on the original Disney-MGM Studios Backstage Studio Tour circa 1989.  Herbie was parked in a driveway on Residential Street and could be seen from the Backstage Shuttles that provided transportation for the first half of the tour.


Ed South said...

Wait! No love for Vern? Herbie is parked in the driveway of Vern's house, featured in the 1989 classic Ernest Saves Christmas. Several scenes from the movie were filmed on WDW property. I'll take any chance to mention one of my favorite movies!

Here's some pictures of the WDW road system used in the film:

Jeffrey Pepper said...

Thanks for contributing additional obscura, Ed!