Monday, April 19, 2010

Welcome Boy Scouts of America

This really wonderful twelve minutes of vintage Disneyland has been hiding in a remote corner of the Internet for quite a number of years.  Identified only as Amateur Film Amusement Park, it is comprised of home movie footage that focuses on a troop of Scouts visiting Disneyland sometime between 1963 and 1965.  It has been part of the Prelinger Archives at since 2003.

Among the film's many notable vignettes:
  • Mickey Mouse leading a marching band down Main Street USA
  • The Eagle Dance at the Indian Village
  • Great views of various attractions as seen from the Skyway
  • Rainbow Ridge Pack Mules and Mine Train
The listing at provides no information whatsoever about the film.  It is an interesting piece of Disneyland history both mysterious and entertaining.


mfeige said...

One of the my favorite parts of these video was the section around the 2:50 mark where you can see Tomorrowland in motion as Walt wanted it. While you can't see the Peoplemover you can see the Skyway, the Monorail and I believe the Astro Orbitor. It makes me sad to think about today's Tomorrowland where the only movement we have at all is the Monorail. I really wish that they'd bring the peoplemover back to Disneyland.

Also the current location of the Astro Orbitor is horrible visually and in terms of flow.

Anyway that rant is over. I also loved the Aerial views largely unavailable now not to mention the great shots of the Mine Train one of my favorite extinct Disneyland rides.

Thanks for finding and putting up that great video.

Chuck Munson said...

I can hardly wait to watch the whole thing, but Jeff, with such a nondescript title and no info, how on earth did you come across this little gem???

Anonymous said...

My heart kind of squeezed when I saw this film. My favorite part is the mule ride coming back along side the mine train. This was my favorite place in Disneyland.
But the emotion I feel is from seeing all the people all enjoying themselves. I remember when people were amazed and excited at Disneyland, even the adults. Those were the days.
Thank you very much for finding and posting this video.