Saturday, September 08, 2007

Previewing EPCOT Center

We visited the EPCOT Center Monorail Preview once before here at 2719, but as we approach October 1st, I thought it would be fun to take another look at what folks were doing 25 years ago just prior to the opening of Walt Disney World's second gate.

Advertised for Florida residents, the preview was in fact open to everyone. An EPCOT preview area had been set up at City Hall on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. Brochures were given out (pictured above) detailing EPCOT Center and its many initial attractions. EPCOT merchandise was also available for purchase. A short film about the concept and construction of the park was shown in the theater that normally played host to the Walt Disney Story. But most importantly, it was where you picked up your tickets for the EPCOT Center Monorail Preview.

You presented your tickets at the Ticket and Transportation Center, and then boarded a monorail that took you to the EPCOT construction site. Much as it still does today, the monorail circled Future World and then allowed its passengers to disembark at the monorail station. There, guests were treated to a close-up view of Spaceship Earth and the entrance plaza, and a host or hostess was available to answer any questions.


Ryan P. Wilson said...

Excellent work again Jeff! Although, I begin to wonder if we possibly share a brain. Last week the Citrus Swirl, this week an article about the monorail just before I post an article about the monorail. Ah well, great minds think alike, and I love reading your thoughts on all things Disney everyday.

Klark Kent 007 said...

I remember going to this and seeing the preview in Main Street. Excellent memories!

Can't wait to be there in October 1st!

Anonymous said...

I was in Disney World about 7 months before EPCOT opened. I was only 6 so I really only remember that they were working on it and that the sphere or dome or whatever they call it was the largest structure I had ever seen. Thanks for making me feel old! :D