Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lost Imagineering: Mickey's Movieland

In the spirit of today’s other post on the original Disney Studios, formerly located at 2719 Hyperion Avenue, we present another sadly abandoned concept from the ever more infamous Disney Decade.

Mickey’s Movieland was planned for the Disney-MGM Stuidos Theme Park. A Disney Crew publication in 1990 provided the following description:

“A replica of Disney’s original Hyperion Avenue Studio, where guests will encounter whimsical, hands-on movie making equipment where they can live out their own motion picture producing fantasies.”

I don’t think I would have even cared what was inside. Just to stand in front of an authentic reproduction of the studio would have been awe-inspiring in and of itself.

An open appeal to John Lasseter: Please somehow resurrect this concept!


Anonymous said...

As I recall, Mickey's Movieland started as an attraction concept for EPCOT Center, for inclusion in a "Moviemaking" Pavilion.

Imagineers Tim and Steve Kirk worked (with Ward Kimball consulting) on ideas for this attraction concept, prior to the expansion of the Movie Pavilion idea to a third gate for Florida.

Anonymous said...

this sounds like a perfect fit for DCA's Hollywood Pictures Backlot. if the rumors are true and the park's theme changes to Disney's Animation Studios then it would be an even better fit.

Lou Mongello - said...

At one time, future plans for the Disney-MGM Studios included not only Mickey's Movieland, but the construction of a land known as “Roger Rabbit’s Hollywood,”, “Baby Herman’s Runaway Buggy,” a “Toontown Trolley,” and the Dick Tracy Crimestoppers” ride. Some of these "Coming Soon" attractions were even featured in promotional videos, TV specials and printed materials.