Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cranky Mouseketeers Part 2

And when I say cranky, I mean really cranky! Found on a popular forum today:

"I am so tired of people refering to any cartoon movie as a "Disney Movie"


Over the Hedge is NOT DISNEY

Sharks is NOT DISNEY


Some times I want to take the movie box and have them look close at the name on it and then beat them int he face with it."

When a few replies noted that there were really bigger issues in the world to be concerned about, the original poster said this:

"But what you don't understand, is thease people are the ones that go to WDW or DL and complain because they dont see Shrek.

Thoes people are also the ones that dont pay attention to the world around them to notice the ligh tis green for 5 mins whil ethey are on their cell phone or looking in the back seat."

Wow . . .


Anonymous said...

Those "Cranky Mouseketeers" certainly don't appreciate ANYTHING that Disney does anymore, especially when it comes to stuff done in the American parks.

I hate the bad-mouthing that's been slung towards Disneyland and especially Walt Disney World over the last few years.

How about writing a column about those who are so critical towards DL and WDW?